Jealousy in relationships can be considered one of the worst scenarios to deal. There are many positive emotions a relationship should embody. Why let jealousy rear its head? Perhaps a better question would be to wonder what can be done to deal with the presence of jealousy? It would certainly be a much better plan to remove this troubling emotional component from what should otherwise be a solid relationship. Of course, that does lead one to wonder that steps to take in order to deal with the issue of jealousy. 

Here are some of those steps to employ…

Often, a lack of communication and understanding is at the root of jealousy. When two parties are no longer communicating with one another, each part will start to make things up in their mind. In some instances, this will lead to the onset of jealousy in relationships, which is unfortunate. Nothing positive comes from such feeling of jealousy. Rather, the relationship could degenerate into one of distrust or worse. So, be sure to effectively communicate with your partner and you will eliminate the presence of much jealousy.

Adding a little rationality to the relationship would be another wise move. Those that are prone to constantly feeling sensations of jealously need to look inside themselves for the root cause of these feelings. If the feelings are not rooted in rationality then the jealousy in relationships will derive from delusional thoughts. Why would anyone wish to embody traits such as that? No reasonable person would which is why getting a proverbial grip on oneself is a must to eradicate the jealousy.

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What happens when you do not know what to do when you have a certain sense of jealousy you cannot shake? Basically, you will need to turn your attention towards those people that can and will effectively help you. A relationship counselor could be the answer for eliminating such problems. Even something as simple as reading a book on jealousy in relationships might be all that is required to procure the much-needed insight to reverse a problematic outlook. Regardless of the method you choose, you will need to do something to improve your outlook so that jealousy ceases to maintain a hold on you.

What if you are the “okay” person and it is the other member of the relationship that is the jealous party. This part becomes more than a little tricky. Essentially, you need to carefully address the situation with the other party and note how it is troubling to you. In a way, it is you who would be initiating the communications with the other person as a means of curtailing the jealousy in relationships. Does the other person follow your lead and take your advice? Hopefully, he/she will. If not then you really need to determine whether this is a relationship you wish to continue.

Yes, this can create serious problems if the other member in the relationship is irrational. This does raise the obvious question: What is the value of remaining in a relationship with someone that is not rational? It would be difficult to find an answer to that that saying anything than… no value exists.


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Jealous Boyfriend

Isn’t every boyfriend a jealous boyfriend? In a word, the answer would be a resounding no. Jealousy can be a very powerful emotion. All people do have a certain level of jealousy within them. Yet, there will be some people that embody a level of jealousy that is a bit too much to deal with. When being jealous reaches a level where a person’s behavior is troubling, it might be wise to reconsider having such a person as a boyfriend. Or, at the very least, you will need to address issues of jealousy.

Does your boyfriend call you on the phone at odd hours to check up on you? Does he meet you at the door with an accusatory attitude? Has he outright accused you of cheating on him? All of these signs would prove to be major red flags that you may have a very troubled and obsessive boyfriend on your hands.

In some instances, a jealous boyfriend is little more than someone with minor personality issues. However, there can also be a more ominous component to a paramour that is jealous. Someone who is jealous could potentially be a stalker. Yes, there are those boyfriends that simply cannot let go and this can lead to seriously obsessive behavior. Such a boyfriend is definitely one to be concerned about because such behavior can hint at the person’s instability. You definitely would need to take the appropriate steps to ensure your personal safety when a boyfriend starts to act in a manner that is somewhat frightening.

First and foremost, it is important to point out most jealous boyfriends are not that over the top or potentially harmful. When it is just an issue of minor jealousy, you probably can address things rather easily. Simply let your boyfriend know you are not all that appreciative of the jealous behavior and that it has to stop.

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You could further explore the reasons why you have a jealous boyfriend. Now, you are not doing this in order to accept excuses for such behavior. There really is no excuse for behavior that embodies jealousy. However, if you can determine what the root of the jealously may be, you can take steps to solve the problem….within reason. Remember, if you are not doing anything wrong, you should not be of the assumption you should accept negative behavior from the other party.

If you are dealing with a jealous boyfriend embodying any behavior considered dangerous then things will take a more ominous turn. You might be best served discussing such matters with legal professionals or law enforcement personnel in order to enhance your personal safety and not place it at risk. As previously mentioned, jealousy is a very powerful emotion. It can truly take hold of a person and make that person act in a highly inflamed state. Approaching such a person with a great degree of caution is suggested.

When dealing with a very jealous person, you will want to maintain your own safety first. This would be the wisest course of action to take.

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Overcoming Jealousy

Most of us have experienced the “green eyed monster” at some point in our lives, but overcoming jealousy is important if we want to maintain healthy relationships, whether they be romantic or friendly. While we most often think of jealousy in the context of romantic relationships, it can also happen with close friendships.

When you’re jealous, you are also insecure, and often angry. This can be poisonous to relationships, and can cause them to end. Of course, if you DO have good reason to be jealous, such as if you have evidence your significant other is cheating on you or something equally dire, you should certainly take action. In many cases, though, jealousy is simply unfounded and toxic. If that’s your situation, you need to take steps in overcoming jealousy NOW so that you don’t ruin your relationship forever.

Overcoming jealousy

Although it’s probably true you’re never going to entirely eliminate jealous feelings, you can take control of them by simply realizing that they are YOUR problem, not your partner’s. In an otherwise healthy relationship, jealous feelings signify your insecurity, not your partner’s poor behavior. Therefore, take the steps in your quest for overcoming jealousy:

1. Ask yourself why you’re feeling jealous

When you experience jealous feelings, take a moment to ask yourself why you’re feeling jealous. If the reason is because of your own insecurity and not because of something your partner is doing, this is something you can fix.

2. Take responsibility

If the feeling of jealousy comes from your own insecurity and not because of something your partner is doing, realize that in this case, the real cure is that you need to learn new habits. The next time your partner wants to do something with his or her friends, for example, and doesn’t take you along, realize that healthy couples have separate interests as well as shared ones. Use these opportunities to challenge yourself and let your partner flourish without you, as well as with you.

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3. Develop your own interests

If most of your social focus in life is devoted to your relationship or friendship, you’re setting yourself up for jealousy. Develop your own interests and some independence apart from your partner or best friend, for example, so that you have balance in your life.

4. Check in with yourself often

Check in with yourself often, whenever you feel jealous, to make sure your reasons for feeling jealous or all your own. Again, jealousy CAN certainly be a sign that something is going wrong in a relationship, such as if your significant other suddenly wants to spend a lot of time with an attractive new coworker.

The bottom line? Overcoming jealousy completely is probably not going to be possible, nor is it necessarily desirable; the ability to feel jealousy can in some cases be healthy, such as when it gives you a warning sign that something may be wrong in your relationship. However, if you feel jealousy in an otherwise healthy relationship, you’ll need to take responsibility for your feelings, and overcome that jealousy so that it doesn’t actually cause you relationship’s demise.

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