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Sandy Jameson

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Understanding Jealous Women

Understanding jealous women is an extremely challenging task. Despite the fact that jealousy is a troublesome emotion for everyone that is affected by it, it is one of the most commonly experienced according to professionals that work in the mental health field. This particular emotion impacts individuals in an extremely negative way. Not only does it hurt and is it unsettling for the person that experiences it, it is often hurtful and unsettling for those that must deal with a person that is experiencing it. If you are personally impacted by your partner’s jealous nature, it is important that you work to understand jealous women in general. By understanding the nature of this beastly emotion, you may be able to successfully cope with it and possibly even tame it.

What is Jealousy?

If you are interested in learning how to cope with jealous women, you must first learn what jealousy is. As mentioned previously, this is an emotion – a negative one at that. Individuals that experience this emotion often suffer from various types of thoughts as well as feelings that are negative in nature and result in negative consequences. Most individuals that experience this disturbing emotion do so because of the fact that they experience heightened levels of fear over losing something that they cherish or place a high value in – such as a relationship. If you are interested in dealing with jealous women, it is likely that you may be in a relationship with one. If so, it is likely that she experiences jealousy because of the fact that she does not want to lose you or what you share together.

The Experiences of Jealous Women

If you are involved with a woman that often experiences the potentially devastating emotion of jealousy, it is important that you learn what types of experiences this woman often suffers from. By understanding what your partner is coping with, you will be better able to cope with the effect that this negative emotion has on you as well as your relationship:

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• Jealous women are extremely frightened of loss. This fear is completely overwhelming for many.

• Many women that experience this emotion suffer from low self-esteem. Despite their best efforts to increase their level of self-confidence, it is often challenging to develop it.

• Most experience feelings of uncertainty despite the fact that there may be no reason for these feelings.

• It is common for jealous women to allow themselves to trust others – specifically, the person that they are in an intimate relationship with.

• Many women become extremely suspicious of their partner – even if they have absolutely no reason to be suspicious.

• Most suffer from feelings of betrayal – even if there is a lack of validity for these feelings.

• Because of the fact that jealous women deal with an emotion that is all consuming and extremely difficult to overcome, they often experience varying degrees of loneliness and depression.

• It is common for the jealous female to fear that they will lose you. You may not have given them a reason to feel this way, but the fear that they have is very real and quite overwhelming.

In Conclusion

Dealing with jealous women is challenging – that is a fact. It is important to understand that many cases of jealousy stem from insecurities and negative personal experiences. If you are dealing with jealousy in your relationship, it is important to learn as much as you are able to regarding the emotion. Understanding is the core element in coping with this emotion in an intimate relationship. Remember, it is challenging for a woman to overcome the emotions that she feels. However, by offering support, understanding, and even guidance to your partner, it is possible for your relationship to overcome jealousy.

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Overcoming Jealousy

Most of us have experienced the “green eyed monster” at some point in our lives, but overcoming jealousy is important if we want to maintain healthy relationships, whether they be romantic or friendly. While we most often think of jealousy in the context of romantic relationships, it can also happen with close friendships.

When you’re jealous, you are also insecure, and often angry. This can be poisonous to relationships, and can cause them to end. Of course, if you DO have good reason to be jealous, such as if you have evidence your significant other is cheating on you or something equally dire, you should certainly take action. In many cases, though, jealousy is simply unfounded and toxic. If that’s your situation, you need to take steps in overcoming jealousy NOW so that you don’t ruin your relationship forever.

Overcoming jealousy

Although it’s probably true you’re never going to entirely eliminate jealous feelings, you can take control of them by simply realizing that they are YOUR problem, not your partner’s. In an otherwise healthy relationship, jealous feelings signify your insecurity, not your partner’s poor behavior. Therefore, take the steps in your quest for overcoming jealousy:

1. Ask yourself why you’re feeling jealous

When you experience jealous feelings, take a moment to ask yourself why you’re feeling jealous. If the reason is because of your own insecurity and not because of something your partner is doing, this is something you can fix.

2. Take responsibility

If the feeling of jealousy comes from your own insecurity and not because of something your partner is doing, realize that in this case, the real cure is that you need to learn new habits. The next time your partner wants to do something with his or her friends, for example, and doesn’t take you along, realize that healthy couples have separate interests as well as shared ones. Use these opportunities to challenge yourself and let your partner flourish without you, as well as with you.

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3. Develop your own interests

If most of your social focus in life is devoted to your relationship or friendship, you’re setting yourself up for jealousy. Develop your own interests and some independence apart from your partner or best friend, for example, so that you have balance in your life.

4. Check in with yourself often

Check in with yourself often, whenever you feel jealous, to make sure your reasons for feeling jealous or all your own. Again, jealousy CAN certainly be a sign that something is going wrong in a relationship, such as if your significant other suddenly wants to spend a lot of time with an attractive new coworker.

The bottom line? Overcoming jealousy completely is probably not going to be possible, nor is it necessarily desirable; the ability to feel jealousy can in some cases be healthy, such as when it gives you a warning sign that something may be wrong in your relationship. However, if you feel jealousy in an otherwise healthy relationship, you’ll need to take responsibility for your feelings, and overcome that jealousy so that it doesn’t actually cause you relationship’s demise.

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