Jealousy in relationships can be considered one of the worst scenarios to deal. There are many positive emotions a relationship should embody. Why let jealousy rear its head? Perhaps a better question would be to wonder what can be done to deal with the presence of jealousy? It would certainly be a much better plan to remove this troubling emotional component from what should otherwise be a solid relationship. Of course, that does lead one to wonder that steps to take in order to deal with the issue of jealousy. 

Here are some of those steps to employ…

Often, a lack of communication and understanding is at the root of jealousy. When two parties are no longer communicating with one another, each part will start to make things up in their mind. In some instances, this will lead to the onset of jealousy in relationships, which is unfortunate. Nothing positive comes from such feeling of jealousy. Rather, the relationship could degenerate into one of distrust or worse. So, be sure to effectively communicate with your partner and you will eliminate the presence of much jealousy.

Adding a little rationality to the relationship would be another wise move. Those that are prone to constantly feeling sensations of jealously need to look inside themselves for the root cause of these feelings. If the feelings are not rooted in rationality then the jealousy in relationships will derive from delusional thoughts. Why would anyone wish to embody traits such as that? No reasonable person would which is why getting a proverbial grip on oneself is a must to eradicate the jealousy.

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What happens when you do not know what to do when you have a certain sense of jealousy you cannot shake? Basically, you will need to turn your attention towards those people that can and will effectively help you. A relationship counselor could be the answer for eliminating such problems. Even something as simple as reading a book on jealousy in relationships might be all that is required to procure the much-needed insight to reverse a problematic outlook. Regardless of the method you choose, you will need to do something to improve your outlook so that jealousy ceases to maintain a hold on you.

What if you are the “okay” person and it is the other member of the relationship that is the jealous party. This part becomes more than a little tricky. Essentially, you need to carefully address the situation with the other party and note how it is troubling to you. In a way, it is you who would be initiating the communications with the other person as a means of curtailing the jealousy in relationships. Does the other person follow your lead and take your advice? Hopefully, he/she will. If not then you really need to determine whether this is a relationship you wish to continue.

Yes, this can create serious problems if the other member in the relationship is irrational. This does raise the obvious question: What is the value of remaining in a relationship with someone that is not rational? It would be difficult to find an answer to that that saying anything than… no value exists.


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